Garmin Xero Bow Sight legal in California and Arizona?

garmin xero state map

They are illegal to hunt with in Colorado during archery season. The Xero is legal in the majority of states, but any state that doesn’t allow illuminated sights or electronics on sights won’t allow the Xero. Check your regs and check them again before buying the A1i Pro. The Xero A1i Pro worked as advertised in the yard, but the real test is how it works in hunting. Our regular bow season didn’t open until October 2, but certain parts of the state have an early doe season.

garmin xero state map

The feedback I got from both of these functions revealed form and equipment adjustments that I needed to make. To operate, simply draw, aim at your intended target, and press the rangefinding button and the sight will project a perfectly illuminated aiming point in the vertical wire.


To get your free quote, provide your GPS type, manufacturer, model, and condition. Within 24 hours, you will receive a quote for the trade-in value of your current product. The GPS trade-in/trade-up form is at the bottom of this page. Well according to the Garmin website Wisconsin is legal for the vertical bow type.

garmin xero state map

It will, however, allow you to average more consistent arrow placement. As far as legality, only a state can determine that. Take your time during that portion of the setup because getting it set perfectly will optimize the sight’s capability. Until recently this download was possible via the tethered USB connection on the older 205 & 305 models. However, the current version of the software has eliminated this option, requiring the user to acquire a newer model with wireless connection in order to use this feature.

Garmin Xero A1i Pro Overview

This sight is legal in the majority of states to hunt archery-only seasons with, but you need to do your research to confirm that it is legal in the location you intend to hunt. Many western states have the strictest regulations when it comes to electronic equipment being attached to your bow. Providing that the sight is legal, this is the most innovative solution that has ever hit the sight market. It is truly a difference maker for archers of all skill levels. Thus, the archer can draw the bow, put that pin on the target, and release the arrow. The archer must still shoot correctly, but the sight should at least be on the correct distance for the shot.

Technology may have made it “easier” – it also made it more ethical in some aspects. Don’t tell me jackwagons with recurves or open site rifles didn’t take shots they had no business taking. Then again, you could drink beer and shoot deer from your truck in the 70s.


In 2014, the Forerunner 15 and 920XT were introduced. The 15 is a development of the 10, adding activity tracking, increased battery life, footpod and heart rate monitor capability. The process of ranging and then aiming the sight was intuitive.

  • The Garmin Xero removes this guesswork, providing the perfect virtual sight pin for the range of the target.
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  • Then, if you take into account the added features, you can justify the cost.
  • The best part is you really don’t need to read the instructions to get the sight set up and sighted in.
  • The Alpine Sight Slicker contours to fit the shape of the Garmin Xero and the FeraDyne IQ auto-ranging sights.

The other disclaimer is that I’ve only had the sight for three weeks. In those three garmin xero state map weeks, I’ve shot it daily, in everything from bright daylight to heavy rain.

Warranty Program

You could use it on a 3D course, but it’ll be slow. The A1i Pro could significantly benefit from a refined slider adjustment. If you’re brand new to archery, stick with a fixed pin or slider sight. If you torque the bow often the reticle alignment will drive you crazy, and while the setup is easy, I can see it tripping up a new archer.

How far can you shoot with Garmin XERO bow sight?

Get precise angle-compensated distance to game up to 100 yards away or up to 300 yards on reflective targets. One-year battery life means more time hunting and more confidence in your shot.

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